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Here is where we share how we want to make a difference for you. And make a revolution about what fashion footwear should mean for women.



At DMK, you’ll find thoughtful products and tailored services. You’ll find a balance between how you look and how you feel; because why do you have to choose between either when you can have the best of both worlds?


As women ourselves, we realized that many others like us faced a common dilemma with fashion footwear – More often than not, what looks good doesn’t seem to feel good.

We’ve reinvented the way of designing fashion footwear to solve the problem by balancing the two important elements – Looking good and feeling good. Because at DMK, we believe that life is a balance to be achieved, as fashion should be. 



Cloud Sole: When the front of your shoe fits but the
length needs some filling

Back Up Plan: For an extra back grip, or to reduce back bite

Crystal padding: When your feet are sliding out of that
sandal you love but the length feels just right


Stretching: When the length fits but the front’s kinda tight

Balming: Special smooth balm that glides on the inner lining of the shoe so your shoe won’t bite

Fit Stylists: Chat with our friendly advisors for those moments when you are uncertain about which size fits better, which shoe would pair well with that outfit/your whole wardrobe, or anything else, really


Sharing is caring, and hence we share all the secrets to know about our products with you. Whether it’s how to make those strappy sandals feel better or how you can reduce a shoe bite, we share tips on our Instagram here. Otherwise, drop by any of our DMK boutiques here to speak to any of our Fit Stylists.