Cloud Booster
Back Up Plan
Get A Grip
In between sizes? This fluffy
inner shoe padding boosts
your feet up ½ a size

An inner shoe padding for
that extra back grip and to
reduce back bite

For extra front grip to
prevent your toes from
sliding out

Fit Stylist
The widening of the shoe’s
front when the length fits
but the front’s tight

A silky balm applied to
reduce shoe bite

Chat with our friendly
advisors for sizing, style
advice or anything else, really



Tips to finding the shoe that is just-right



Your feet slides out of the sandal's front?

Opt for smaller size to soften the straps and use #DMKCare balming service for a silky finish

It's too tight that your feet can't fit  in?

Go one size bigger! If more grip is needed, use #DMKCare "Get A Grip" non-slip sole to prevent your toes from sliding out

Bonus Tip:

Length is important! The space between the front and back of your feet along the edge of the shoes shouldn't be too wide. Neither should the front and back of your feet exceed the sandals



One size down is tight at the front but the length is fine?

Opt for the smaller size and use #DMKCare complimentary expanding and balming services to expand the toe box and soften the shoes

One size down is tight in terms of both the length and width?

Go one size bigger! The length of your feet should not exceed the shoes or it will bite.

Go for our fluffy Cloud Booster shoe padding to boost your feet up by half a size

Bonus Tip:

The best time to shop for shoes is after walking for at least 1-2 hours because your feet has swelled!

If you need more space in your toe box, swing by any of our DMK boutiques for our complimentary expansion services (even after purchase!)



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